Champions of Old Korvosa

Rumble at the Stirge and Hammer
Session 0

Prologue: Welcome to Old Korvosa

Starday, 17 Gozran 4704

The raindrops of an evening shower pelted the cobblestones of Old Korvosa, washing away the day’s grime. Despite the warm spring day, the air took on a chill soon after sunset. On Garrison Hill, above the teetering shanties of Bridgefront, a bard’s merry song defied the last gasp of winter. Warmth beckoned from within the friendly inn. The sign read, “The Stirge and Hammer.”

About a dozen people socialized within the tavern, under the friendly yet watchful eyes of owner Vasaro Cazynsic. His comely daughter Basila tended bar while the former Sable Company marine took orders from the barroom. In the backroom, a down-on-his-luck half-elven kid named Don swept up. Sidled up to the bar, a recent graduate of the Academe who calls himself Extrarius chatted up Basila, but seemed to be getting nowhere. Huddled in one corner, a mysterious-looking Vudrani man named Darshan Oza nursed an ale. A burly, green-skinned man with a severe underbite sat at another table, surveying the scene. The half-orc went by Turgrox. And sitting close to a gnomish bard seranading the crowd was the well-dressed and enthusiastic young man called Zak Mumbles. It seemed to be a pleasant evening at the bar.

But not long thereafter, a group of young men of Varisian extraction came into the tavern— and they already seemed a bit inebriated. They bought some drinks and started playing cards with a group of Ulfen sailors. Within half an hour, the newcomers began to be abusive, and one hurled a particularly vile oath at an Ulfen man. It doesn’t take much to set off an Ulfen, and the two came to blows. Unfortunately, the friends of the Varisian started fighting the friends of the Ulfen, and the friendly atmosphere of the Stirge and Hammer quickly turned sour. Vasaro attempted to intervene, but the toughs ignored him. Basila ducked under the bar— presumably to grab the loaded heavy crossbow that the regulars know she keeps ready.

An innocent bystander got drawn into the fight, and one of the other toughs took a swing at Vasaro when he tried to break it up. That’s when several other patron jumped into action. Between the magic of Don (drawing a “nice spellcasting!” comment from Extra), the wrestling moves of Turgrox, and a well-aimed axe hurled by Zak, (“Um… Yeah… I MEANT to miss him!”), the Varisians were ejected and the bar restored to its friendly state. Vasaro bought the house a round, and the evening ended well.

First session this week!

It looks like this campaign is really going to happen! We will have either five or six players. Our first session will be this Sunday. This will be a “Session Zero” game, where we meet to discuss character concepts, character build ideas, and back-stories. I can also answer questions about the game world, talk about how I handle things like alignment, and amy house rules.

If we do have time, I will run a brief encounter.

My prep for the first real session is almost done, although I do plan to tweak it once we have the final PC roster.

I am really looking forward to getting this off the ground!

Starting a New Campaign!

Welcome to the new campagin site!

My last campaign, The Watcher of the Mists, ran for a little more than two years before winding down in July 2013. We finished four chapters of a planned seven. I rally enjoyed that game, but I felt a bit disappointed that it ended without getting to the planned conclusion. I also learned a whole lot about running a campaign— something that I hadn’t done for almost a decade!

For this new campaign, I decided to mix things up a bit. I have invited several players that I have never gamed with before, including a few that are new to Pathfinder! I am very much looking forward to our first get-together: a “Session 0” where we’ll work on character concepts, background stories, and I can answer questions about the setting. Hopefully, we’ll get to play a little on that first session, too!

If all goes according to plan, I’d like to run our first session sometime later this month!


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