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Aroden, the Last Azlanti (Dead God)

Aroden was a widely-worshiped and much-revered god. He had been the god of humanity, human ingenuity, and history. The Church of Aroden had been the state church of both empires of Taldor and Cheliax. The church helped to spread human civilization throughout the lands around the Inner Sea.

Aroden had been a human, the last survivor of the lost land of Azlant, which fell millennia ago in a cataclysmic event called Starfall. How Aroden survived Starfall and the thousand-year Age of Darkness is no longer remembered. He became a great hero, and his deeds inspired people everywhere to build a new civilization on the ashes of the old.

His last work as a mortal was to raise the Starstone from the bottom of the sea, creating the Isle of Kortos in the process. That act caused Aroden’s ascension to godhood. Aroden’s ascension is counted as Year 1 of Absalom Reckoning.

Aroden’s works were mighty, and many still stand. These include the Cathedral of the Starstone in Absalom, and the Arch of Aroden that spans the Hespereth Strait.

A set of prophecies called the Starfall Doctrines predicted that Aroden would return in the city of Westcrown in Cheliax in the year 4606 to usher in the next great Age: the Age of Glory. However, at the appointed hour, Aroden did not return. Instead, the entire world was wracked with earthquakes, storms, and tidal waves for three weeks. The permanent hurricane called the Eye of Abendego formed off the coast of the continent of Garund, and a rift into the Abyss called the Worldwound opened in the land formerly known as Sarkoris. Priests of Aroden found that they no longer received any divine power from their deity, and all attempts to contact Aroden through powerful magic failed.

The world came to the sad realization that the god of humanity was dead.

The Church: With the death of its god, the church of Aroden also died, but it took some time. Iomedae had once been the Herald of Aroden, and at the death of her liege, she accepted most adherents of the Church of Aroden into her own cult. Many temples of Aroden were converted to temples of Iomedae, and the Church of Iomedae grew rapidly by accepting Aroden’s priests and followers. A few deluded priests of Aroden convinced themselves that the Last Azlanti was merely testing their faith, and will still return; yet after a century, all but a handful of those hold-outs have gone to their graves.

In Korvosa: The Church of Aroden had been the most popular cult in the city. Old and crumbling, the temple of Aroden still stands in the district of Old Korvosa. One elderly Arodenite priest still holds weekly services every Sunday morning for an ever-shrinking congregation of the curious and holders-on. It is not a secret that the Church of Iomedae plans to claim and restore the Temple of Aroden and dedicate it to the Inheritor once the tiny Arodenite congregation no longer has a leader.

For Players:
Aroden was Lawful Neutral. His portfolio had been history, human culture, and innovation. His favored weapon was the longsword.

Priests of Aroden had access to the Community, Glory, Knowledge, Law, and Protection domains.

Players should note that Aroden is indeed dead. Clerics of Aroden have no divine powers, and are condisered ex-clerics, with no way to restore clerical abilities other than to become dedicated to a living deity.


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