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Desna, The Starsong
Goddess of Dreams, Travel, and Luck

Known by the titles “The Starsong,” “The Song of the Spheres,” and “The Dreamer,” Desna is the goddess of dreams, luck, stars, and travelers. She delights in freedom and mystery, and teaches her followers to experience all that they can. Mystics, explorers, wanderers, and those in need of some good luck worship Desna. Varisians tend to veneate Desna over other deities, as do many elves.

The Church: The church of Desna is decentralized with no heirarchy. Desna has few formal temples, but many unstaffed shrines. Many of these shrines can be found along the road (if you know where to look) and can serve as temporary shelters for travelers. Her few formal temples tend to be open to the sky, where the faithful can observe the stars at night. The clergy of Desna tend to be clerics, bards, and oracles, with a few well-traveled rangers in the ranks. The holy text of Desna is a short, clearly-written work called The Eight Scrolls, which includes information about astrology, interpretation of dreams, and predicting the weather.

In Korvosa: The native Varisian population venerates Desna, though few other Korvosans do. The Shrine of the Starsong in the Pantheon of Many does not have a regular staff, although the faithful do congregate there on Desnan holy days. There is also an ancient circle of standing stones in Trail’s End that the local Varisians and Shoanti have long associated with Desna.

For Players:
Desna is Chaotic Good. Her portfolio includes dreams, luck, travelers, and the stars. Her favored weapon is the starknife.

Clerics of Desna have access to the Chaos, Good, Liberation, Luck, and Travel domains.


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