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Irori, Master of Masters
God of Enlightenment and Self-Perfection

Originally a deity from the far-off land of Vudra, Irori has gained popularity across the Inner Sea region from those who seek discipline and self-perfection. He teaches mastery of the self in order to master the world, and ironically, that master of self purges one of the desire to master the world. Irori is also a god of knowledge, and encourages his faithful to study history, as expertise is the key to understanding— even the experience of others. Irori knows that every path to enlightenment is is different, but the end goal is the same.

The Church: Temples dedicated to Irori tend to be sprawling complexes in which the faithful train day and night to improve body and spirit. They are part temple, part gymnasium, and part institute of learning. Each temple is sufficient unto itself, its masters responsible for guiding others along a path of enlightenment. Priests of Irori are nearly all clerics and monks, with a few oracles and fighters. The holy book of Irori is called Unbinding the Fetters, which describes a regimen of physical and mental training meant to cleanse the body, free the mind, and purify the spirit.

In Korvosa: Irori has relatively few adherents in Korvosa. The Shrine to the Master of Masters in the Pantheon of Many doubles as a taining dojo for the faithful.

For Players:
Irori is Lawful Neutral. His portfolio is knowledge, history, and self-perfection. His favored weapon is the empty hand (i.e. unarmed strike).

Clerics of Irori have access to the Healing, Knowledge, Law, Rune, and Strength domains.


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