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Nethys, The All-Seeing
God of Magic

Ancient texts mention a powerful God-King named Nethys, whose mighty sorceries allowed him to see all that transpired, even across the planes of the Great Beyond. The knowledge he gained through these visions fueled his divinity, but shattered his psyche as well. Ever since, Nethys has been of two minds—one set upon destroying the world and another pledged to protect it. Worshipers of Nethys revere magic and wish to exult in its gifts. They wish to look deeper in the world, to explore reality, and to move beyond the spaces of everyday life.

The Church: The church of Nethys tries to balance the god’s two aspects, but individual temples might lean one way or the other. His followers are those who desire magical knowledge or power, arcane or divine, regardless of how they want to use it—whether to destroy, invent, or protect. The church is decentralized, with no governing body beyond the power structure of a given temple. Within a temple, authority is determined by knowledge and power. Priests of Nethys tend to be clerics and wizards, with many sorcerers and witches also among the ranks. The holy text of Nethys is The Book of Magic, an esoteric and comprehensive guide to learning, harnessing, and using magic.

In Korvosa: Worship of Nethys is strongest among the students and faculty of the Academe college of magic, and also at its much-smaller rival Theumanexus College on East Shore. Priests of Nethys keep the temple and library at the Shrine of the All-Seeing in the Pantheon of Many.

Player Info:
Nethys is Neutral. His portfolio is magic. His favored weapon is the quarterstaff.

Clerics of Nethys have access to the Destruction, Knowledge, Magic, Protection, and Rune domains.


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