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Sarenrae, The Dawnflower
Goddess of the Sun, Healing, and Redemption

Known as the Dawnflower, the Healing Flame, and the Everlight, the goddess Sarenrae brings warmth and radiance to everyone who allows her into their souls. Those with compassionate hearts and kind intentions turn to Sarenrae as both the source and protector of all things good. Her church believes in redemption: that those who choose to renounce their evil ways and act to restore any harm that they had caused should be forgiven and welcomed back. But those who refuse to turn away from evil should rightly be destroyed by cleansing fire or by the sword.

The Church: Worship of Sarenrae is known across the world, and ancient texts reveal that the Dawnflower has been worshiped since antiquity. Her church has a flexible heirarchy, and worship practices can very quite widely from region to region. The priesthood of Sarenrae is comprised primarily of clerics, with a fair number of paladins, druids, and bards. The holy text of the church of Sarenrae is called The Birth of Truth and Light.

In Korvosa: The Temple of Sarenrae in Korvosa stands atop Citadel Hill in the Heights district, where is can absorb the sun’s warmth and light without obstruction. As the Dawnflower is also a goddess of healing, the church runs a small hospital in North Point. There is also a shrine to the Dawnflower in the Pantheon of Many. The church also maintains a small mission house for the poor in Old Korvosa, although that place has seen better days. The leader of the Church of Sarenrae in Korvosa is Father Viorec Korvaski.

For Players:
Sarenrae is Neutral Good. Her portfolio includes the sun, healing, and redemption. Her favored weapon is the scimitar.

Clerics of Sarenrae have access to the Fire, Glory, Good, Healing, and Sun domains.

Alternative Spellcasting: Clerics of Sarenrae can prepare flame blade as a a 3rd-level spell, sunbeam as a 7th-level spell, and sunburst as an 8th-level spell. Paladins of Sarenrae can prepare flame blade as a 2nd-level spell, and sunbeam as a 4th-level spell.

Alternative Summoning: Clerics of Sarenrae can add the following creatures to the summon monster table.

summon monster VI: janni
summon monster VII: djinni
summon monster VIII: efreeti (Redeemend: LG alignment; does not have wish spell-like ability.)


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