Thassilonian portal key

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Thassilonian portal key

Aura strong conjuration; CL 15th
Slot none; Price — (minor artifact); Weight 2 lbs.

This seemingly-mundane brass prism is etched with arcane sigils.

Created thousands of years ago in Thassilon, Thassilonian portals are permanent, stationary, two-way teleportation points. Typically built into a monolith as part of a standing circle, a given portal is paired to another at its creation, forming a permanent teleportation circle effect between the two. Each portal has a receptacle for a portal key as part of the monolith; placing the key into the receptacle causes the portal to open on both sides. The portal remains open for as long as the key is in its receptacle, and for one minute following its removal. As a free action, the possessor of the portal key can will the portal shut before the minute is up.

Some Thassilonian portals are keyed to multiple locations; each unique location uses a different portal key placed into the receptacle.

A portal key cannot be destroyed unless both of its associated Thassilonian portals are rendered inoperable. Unlike most artifacts, a Thassilonian portal can be destroyed by physical damage to its monolith.

Thassilonian portal key

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