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Urgathoa, the Pallid Princess
Goddess of Hedonism, Undeath, and Disease

It is said that Urgathoa was once a mortal princess, yet after her demise, she still thirsted for physical pleasure. She somehow fled Pharasma’s Boneyard back to Golarion, becoming the first undead being in the Great Beyond. Worshipers of Urgathoa themselves seek hedonistic pleasure. The rites of the church resemble gluttonous feasts that often devolve into cannibalistic orgies. Even after death, the faithful of the Pallid Princess still hunger for more.

The Church: While some offer open supplications to the Pallid Princess to ward off disease, most worship of Urgathoa is in secret. Underground temples of Urgathoa often take the form of feasthalls, with a central table-altar surrounded by chairs. Ghouls are particularly liked by the church, as they embody all three of the goddess’s aspects, and many temples of Urgathoa count a number of ghouls as members. Churches are organized as matriarchal cells, with little interaction between different congregations. Priests of Urgathoa are most often clerics, with necromancers and the odd death-worshiping druid joining the ranks. The church also supports an order of antipaladins. The holy text of Urgathoa is Serving Your Hunger, an appalling text that mixes recipes with instructions for creating undead, that includes lurid descriptions of Urgathoan unholy rites.

In Korvosa: Worship of Urgathoa is not widely practiced at all, yet there is a shrine to the Pallid Princess in the Pantheon of Many.

Player Info
Player characters cannot be worshipers of Urgathoa.

Urgathoa is Neutral Evil. Her portfolio includes hedonism, gluttony, disease, and undeath. Her favored weapon is the scythe.

Clerics of Urgathoa have access to the Death, Evil, Magic, Strength, and War domains.

Variant Spellcasting
Clerics and antipaladins of Urgathoa may prepare ghoul touch as a 2nd-level spell. Her inquisitors can learn purify food and drink as a 0-level spell; antipaladins can prepare it as a 1st-level spell. Sorcerers and necromancers who formally worship Urgathoa can learn arcane versions of the spells contagion and remove disease. Priests of Urgathoa who can cast remove disease may draw the disease into themselves as they heal their targets; they then become carriers of that disease without suffering ill effects. Contagion spells cast by Urgathoa’s priests always use the caster’s spell DC for the disease’s secondary saves.

Variant Summoning
Clerics of Urgathoa can add the following creatures to the summon monster table.

summon monster I: human bloody skeleton
summon monster VII: daughter of Urgathoa


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