Note: This campaign ended in February 2016.


The largest city-state in the undeveloped frontier land of Varisia. The Empire of Cheliax built the city 300 years ago upon the ruins of a much-older city during the empire’s last great expansion. Cheliax then abandoned its claim to Varisia after a half-century of fighting the indegenous people. As internal strife forced its focus inward, the Empire left the city to rule itself. Today, in the year 4704, Korvosa thrives as a rich trading port, with merchantmen sailing to the far corners of the Inner Sea and beyond.

Yet, strange things are happening in the less-affluent district of Old Korvosa. A forgotten curse threatens the people of the city. Only a band of stalwart adventurers stand between this ancient evil and disaster!

Champions of Old Korvosa is an ongoing campaign using the Pathfinder Role-Playing Game rules, set in the Inner Sea Campaign Setting. The campaign will be incorporating several published adventures, including The Reaping Stone by TPK Games. The campaign begins in March 2014.

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Champions of Old Korvosa

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