Champions of Old Korvosa

Battle of the Watchtower, Part 2

Session 32

Synopsis: Still smarting from fighting the giant and orcish Scythe Mother cultists, the party fought the animated corpses of the same guards and an evil priestess. Zak surprised everyone by jumping down from the top of the 35-foot tower onto the priestess, but she managed to stay standing and moved into the tower. The party followed, and dispatched her after a very hard fight. Exploring the guard tower, the party found a magical altar dedicated to Urgathoa and a map indicating that the main temple was farther up the mountain pass. Don and Turgrox decided to scout ahead, and while doing that encountered a forest drake that had apparently been vexing the cultists; when it attacked them, they managed to slay it and throw its corpse off the cliff. Tired and wounded from the fight, the party secured the tower for themselves and spent the night to rest up for an assault on the temple tomorrow.



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