Champions of Old Korvosa

Return to Old Korvosa

Session 30

Chapter 5: Temple of the Scythe Mother

Synopsis: Returning to the Jeggare Museum from the Lost Laboratories of Xin-Eurythnia, the party was debriefed by curator Mercival Jeggare. He was very interested in the party’s artifacts, and paid them handsomely in gold and trade for their finds. He also informed them that while they had been underground, King Eodred had placed Old Korvosa under strict quarantine in an effort to limit the spread of the so-called Reaping Sickness that transformed its victims into walking dead. After resting for the night in the Museum’s guest rooms, the party resupplied, then attempted to re-enter Old Korvosa. After being turned away at the only remaining bridge to Old Korvosa, they crossed paths with a a powerful ally, who whisked them into Old Korvosa, before the Reliquary itself. Fighting off a pack of zombies, they then tangled with the guardian of the Reliquary for a second time, driving it away in the same manner as before. They then returned to the crypts below to the Thassilonian portal, and stepped through to a high-altitude rocky clearing. Darshan determined that they were in the Mindspin Mountains, somewhere near the border with the Hold of Belkzen.

Detailed write-up pending



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