Champions of Old Korvosa

Battle of the Watchtower, Part 1

Session 31

Synopsis: Finding themselves in a mountain pass at high altitude, the party explored their surroundings. Deactivating the portal, they fitted the heptagonal key, and the portal opened into a ruined stone hall, with sunlight streaming through open windows. A hill giant at the other end of the hall noticed the portal and started running toward the gate, but Darshan removed the key and closed the portal before it arrived. Following tracks leading from the stone circle up a mountain pass, the party ascended the mountain, encountering three ogres wearing symbols of the Scythe Mother. Dispatching them, the party continued and found a watchtower across a chasm, spanned by a stone bridge, guarded by a cave giant. Using invisibility, stealth, and a potion of spider climb, Zak and Turgrox climbed the underside of the bridge and scaled the cliff without being detected by the orc watchmen or the giant. They then scaled the tower, attacking the watchmen. Simultaneously, Darshan and Don came out of hiding and attacked the giant with spells at range, chasing her back into its hovel. The battle attracted more guards from the tower, which the adventurers also slew. But then an orcish priestess stepped out of the tower, who cast a spell animating the corpses of the fallen guards!



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