Champions of Old Korvosa

Battle of the Watchtower, Part 2
Session 32

Synopsis: Still smarting from fighting the giant and orcish Scythe Mother cultists, the party fought the animated corpses of the same guards and an evil priestess. Zak surprised everyone by jumping down from the top of the 35-foot tower onto the priestess, but she managed to stay standing and moved into the tower. The party followed, and dispatched her after a very hard fight. Exploring the guard tower, the party found a magical altar dedicated to Urgathoa and a map indicating that the main temple was farther up the mountain pass. Don and Turgrox decided to scout ahead, and while doing that encountered a forest drake that had apparently been vexing the cultists; when it attacked them, they managed to slay it and throw its corpse off the cliff. Tired and wounded from the fight, the party secured the tower for themselves and spent the night to rest up for an assault on the temple tomorrow.

Battle of the Watchtower, Part 1
Session 31

Synopsis: Finding themselves in a mountain pass at high altitude, the party explored their surroundings. Deactivating the portal, they fitted the heptagonal key, and the portal opened into a ruined stone hall, with sunlight streaming through open windows. A hill giant at the other end of the hall noticed the portal and started running toward the gate, but Darshan removed the key and closed the portal before it arrived. Following tracks leading from the stone circle up a mountain pass, the party ascended the mountain, encountering three ogres wearing symbols of the Scythe Mother. Dispatching them, the party continued and found a watchtower across a chasm, spanned by a stone bridge, guarded by a cave giant. Using invisibility, stealth, and a potion of spider climb, Zak and Turgrox climbed the underside of the bridge and scaled the cliff without being detected by the orc watchmen or the giant. They then scaled the tower, attacking the watchmen. Simultaneously, Darshan and Don came out of hiding and attacked the giant with spells at range, chasing her back into its hovel. The battle attracted more guards from the tower, which the adventurers also slew. But then an orcish priestess stepped out of the tower, who cast a spell animating the corpses of the fallen guards!

Return to Old Korvosa
Session 30

Chapter 5: Temple of the Scythe Mother

Synopsis: Returning to the Jeggare Museum from the Lost Laboratories of Xin-Eurythnia, the party was debriefed by curator Mercival Jeggare. He was very interested in the party’s artifacts, and paid them handsomely in gold and trade for their finds. He also informed them that while they had been underground, King Eodred had placed Old Korvosa under strict quarantine in an effort to limit the spread of the so-called Reaping Sickness that transformed its victims into walking dead. After resting for the night in the Museum’s guest rooms, the party resupplied, then attempted to re-enter Old Korvosa. After being turned away at the only remaining bridge to Old Korvosa, they crossed paths with a a powerful ally, who whisked them into Old Korvosa, before the Reliquary itself. Fighting off a pack of zombies, they then tangled with the guardian of the Reliquary for a second time, driving it away in the same manner as before. They then returned to the crypts below to the Thassilonian portal, and stepped through to a high-altitude rocky clearing. Darshan determined that they were in the Mindspin Mountains, somewhere near the border with the Hold of Belkzen.

Detailed write-up pending

Lost Laboratory Inner Sanctum (Part 3)
Session 29

Synopsis The party opened a Thassilonian portal to an underwater scene: Portions of a standing circle now stood amid seaweed and fish. In a fallen monolith was the artifact the party sought: a Sihedron key! However, a coven of sea hags and its pet sharks had lay claim to the standing circle, and did not appreciate the intrusion!

Detailed write-up to follow

Lost Laboratory Inner Sanctum (Part 2)
Session 28

Synopsis: Continuing to explore the lost laboratory inner sanctum, the party found a library and its ghostly librarian protector. The librarian first mistook the party for his apprentices, and then realized that he was being visited by a Runelord herself! The party next encountered a sanity-draining abomination from beyond in a conjuration lab; after defeating it, they discovered a Thassilonian portal key, although not the one they needed. But the adventurers did put the key to good use in the final room of the lab: a room containing three Thassilonian portals, one of which opened to reveal the Sihedron key they sought!

Detailed write-up to follow.

Lost Laboratory Inner Sanctum (Part 1)
Session 27


After defeating the demonic entities, the party found a secret entrance to an inner set of chambers that Trana had never been permission to enter. Inside was an animate effigy of Runelord Sorshen that attacked, but retreated when party members prominently held up the Rune of Lust. The construct guarded a sephulcher, which housed a sarcophagus bearing the Runelord’s likeness. Inside was a shocking discovery: a preserved clone body of the Runelord herself, warm to the touch! But as Turgrox examined the body to remove its expensive jewelry, a strange event occurred that gave Turgrox a new perspective on life!

Detailed write-up to follow

Lost Laboratory of Xin-Eurythnia (Part 5)
Session 26

Synopsis: The party explored the chamber Trana called “The Planar Fleshwarp Laboratory,” which contianied another runewell, and also a lesser gate to the Abyss, which seemed to pull lesser demons through without their consent.. The lab had become the lair of an abyssal giant spider, and while the party fought it, they triggered the release of several lustspawn from the runewell. And, as if that wasn’t enough, while they fought the lustspawn, the gate came to life and a schir demon stepped through and attacked immediately!

Detailed write-up pending

Lost Laboratory of Xin-Eurythnia (Part 4)
Session 25

Synopsis: Continuing their exploration of the subterranean labs, the party triggered an experiment with creatures from the Elemental Plane of Fire, poked through the ruins of an alchemy lab, and encountered a quasit who called herself “The Empress,” who sought to get the PCs to slay Lord Baaz on hter behalf. The party realized that both the Empress and Lord Baaz were slightly insane, and ended up killing her and her honor guard of two dretches. Deeper into the chambers, they discovered a haunted room that Trana referred to as the “compliance laboratory,” where a number of prisoners died after the cataclysm that ended Thassilon.

Detailed write-uip pending

Lost Laboratory of Xin-Eurythnia (Part 3)
Session 24

Synopsis: After defeating the goat demom Lord Baaz, the party continued to explore the lost Thassilonian laboratories. They encountered a trio of lustspawn enchantresses, an arena where quasits watched dretches fight, and discovered an abandoned and wound-down clockwork servant. Winding it up, the party learned its name was Trana and that she had much to tell them…

detailed write-up pending

Lost Laboratory of Xin-Eurythnia (Part 2)
Session 23

Synopsis: Discovering that the complex was overrun with petty demons, the part met with the self-proclaimed Lord Baaz, a goat demon. Lord Baaz attempted to hire the heroes to “get rid of” a rival demon known as “The Empress,” but the PCs had different ideas…

Detailed write-up pending.


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