Female goblin rogue


The party first encountered Ekkie as she ransacked Darshan’s room looking for “shinies.” After a chase across the Shingles, the party caught her, and she explained that she needed to find 20 “shinies” in order to join a goblin gang called the Nightsoil Marauders. In exhange for her life, she agreed to lead the party to the headquarters of the goblin gang, located in the Vaults below the streets of Old Korvosa. Like all goblins, Ekkie is fascinated by fire, hates and fears dogs and horses, and is somewhat deranged. She carries with her a goblin skull at all times, which she regularly holds like a puppet and talks to. Its name is “Plarg,” and she seems to think that it’s her brother… and that Plarg is actually alive.

Ekkie managed to escape the party during their exploration of the Nightsoil Marauders’ hideout in the Vaults. She has not been seen since.

(Art by Rhineville)


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