Thassilonian clockwork servant


Trana appears to be a brass mennequin with fully-articulated joints, in the shape of a human woman. Her outer brass casing is covered with runes and filigree. When active, she emanates a rhythmic ticking sound. When she moves, her joints all make a distinct whirring noise. Her mouth open and closes when when she speaks like that of a marionette. Her voice is metallic and montonal, but still vaguely female-sounding. She only seems to speak and understand Thassilonian.


The PCs discovered a dusty and wound-down Trana lying on the floor in a lost Thassilonian laboratory. After finding her key, they activated her. She seems to consider whomever last wound her up to be her “master,” and follows that person’s orders unquestioningly. However, any orders must be given in Thassilonian. She has some limited knowledge of Thassilon at its height, and appears to be skilled at repairing mechanical objects. Trana has a spring-loaded dart throwing mechanism embedded in her right arm; the darts are coated in some kind of poison. She reports that this weapon can hold up to 10 darts, and currently has six loaded.

poser art by Jim Seize, 2005


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