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Asmodeus, The Prince of Darkness
God of Contracts, Servitude, and Pride

The Prince of Darkness is the ruler of Hell. His schemes are intricate and myriad, and his patience spans aeons. Asmodeus is the is the only evil deity whose open worship is tolerated in many civilized areas. It is said that Asmodeus created the concept of contracts, and was instrumental in sealing the insane god Rovagug the Destroyer at the beginning of time after Sarenrae had subdued it.

Followers of Asmodeus worship power and its utility in creating order, while ever seeking to attain as much personal power as possible. Asmodeans tend to kowtow to those of a higher status, while holding those of lesser rank in contempt; for it is the right of the strong to prey upon the weak. Asmodeans tend to keep their word, although they are master of the exploitation of loopholes and escape clauses in formal agreements.

The Church: The Church of Asmodeus teaches strict discipline and holds that it is the right of the strong to rule over the weak. Priests of Asmodeus are frequently called upon to assist drafting of legal documents, a role similar to (and competing with) the Church of Abadar. Unlike the Church of Abadar, which stresses the fairness of law as the glue that holds society together, Asmodeans use law as a means for the strong to enrich themselves; Asmodean-penned contracts almost always greatly favor one party over the other. The Church of Asmodeus is the state religion of Cheliax. The clergy of Asmodeus inclues clerics, wizards, and inquisitors.

Holy Text: The sacred text of Asmodeus is called The Asmodean Disciplines, a complex and intellectually challenging multivolume text, with additional volumes of commentary and supplemtal materials that are all considered canon. A one-volume distillation of of the main points of the longer text is called The Asmodean Monograph.

In Korvosa: The temple of Asmodeus is one of the largest buildings in the city. It is a red, pentangle-shaped building with a domed roof located The Heights. The leader of the Admodean flock in Korvosa is Vicar Ornher Reebs. Reebs is a stout man of Chelish descent of about 45 years with a shaved head and a black van dyke beard. Reebs is a disarmingly jocular man with a friendly demeanor.

For Players:
Asmodeus is Lawful Evil. His portfolio includes contracts, slavery, tyrrany, and pride. His favored weapon is the mace.

Clerics of Asmodeus have access to the Evil, Fire, Law, Magic, and Trickery domains.

Variant Spellcasting: Clerics of Asmodeus can cast lesser geas as a 4th-level spell, and geas/quest as a 5th-level spell (variant: Allows a Will save)

Variant Summoning: Clerics of Asmodeus can add the following creatures to the summon monster table. All of these creatures are of Lawful Evil alignment:

summon monster ii: hell hound
summon monster IV: cerberi
summon monster V: bearded devil

Campaign Note: Asmodeus is the only evil god allowed as a PC patron deity.


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