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Black Market Items

The following items are considered contraband by Korvosan authorities. The punishments for being caught with these items vary.

Price: The price listed for black-market items is the base price. The actual price at the time of sale will typically be somewhere between the base price and 20% higher; the price tends to go up with the desperation of the buyer.

See description for details of each drug’s effects. Also see the addiction rules from the Game Mastery Guide for the effects of succumbing to drug addiction and breaking out of it.

Name Price Type Addiction Level Save Damage Effect
Dwarven fireale 40 gp ingested moderate Fort DC 20 1d2 Con rage, cold resistance
Flayleaf 10 gp inhaled or ingested minor Fort DC 12 1 Wis mental clarity, fatigue
Lethe 10 gp inhaled moderate Fort DC 16 1d6 Int euphoria, memory loss
Midnight milk 50 gp ingested moderate Fort DC 16 1d2 Wis visions, sleep
Pesh 15 gp inhaled moderate Fort DC 20 1d2 Con and 1d2 Wis strength, hallucinations
Shiver 500 gp ingested major Fort DC 18 1d2 Con variable: immune to fear or trance

Dwarven Fireale: Brewed by unscrupulous dwarves in Janderhoff, this dark copper-colored ale warms the belly and increases bravery— to the point of putting the drinker into a berserking rage. Initial Effect: 1d4 rounds; rage as the spell. Secondary Effect: immediate, 1 hour; cold resistance 5.

Flayleaf: The red-tinted leaves of a plant that’s native to Varisia. The young leaves are tender enough to eat, but as the plant matures the leaves get tougher and develop rough barbs; the intoxicating effects also concentrates. The leaves are dried, shredded, and smoked as small cigars or in a pipe. Flayleaf provides mental clarity at the expense of alertness. Effect: 1 hour; +2 alchemical bonus on saves vs. mind-affecting effects, fatigue.

Lethe: Yellowish crystals that are smoked in a special pipe. Lethe can help you forget bad things that have happened to you, but at a cost to your personality. Initial Effect: 1 hour; +1d4 alchemical bonus to Charisma, fatigue. Secondary Effect: 25% chance to lose one memory of your choice, up to 5 minutes duration, as modify memory.

Midnight Milk: A newcomer on the Korvosan drug scene. This drug appears as a thick, bluish, milky liquid that is drunk. It tastes sweet with a bitter undertone. The drug makes its user sleepy, and when asleep while under the effects of the drug, the user experiences vivid, intense, and exhilarating dreams. Effect: 1 hour; fatigue, plus the user takes a -4 penalty on all saves made to resist sleep effects. If the user falls asleep while under the effects of this drug, he has vivid dreams. The dreams last for 1 hour per dose of midnight milk taken in the last 4 weeks. Upon awakening, the user is refreshed as if he enjoyed a full 8 hours of sleep.

Pesh: This stong stimulant also has hallucinogenic properties. Imported from Katapesh, this fine orange powder is snorted. Initial Effect: 1 hour; +1d2 alchemical bonus to Strength, -2 penalty on saves vs. illusions and mind-affecting effects. Secondary Effect: 1d2 hours of fatigue.

Shiver: This drug comes as a liquid in small vials. When consumed, this drug usually causes a sense of serene calm, but sometimes causes the user to go into a trance for hours. Users report seeing strange visions in that state. While under the effects of shiver, users tremble uncontrollably (hence its name). Effect: variable. 75% chance user will gain immunity to fear for 1d4 minutes and be fatigued for 1 hour; 25% chance user will fall into a catatonic state for 1d4 hours.

The following poisons are available in Korvosa, if you know where to look. The price is for one dose.

Name Cost Type Fort DC Onset Frequency Effect Cure
Arsenic 120 gp ingested 13 10 min 1/min for 4 min 1d2 Con 1 save
Black Adder Venom 120 gp injury 14 1/rd for 6 rds 1d2 Con 1 save
Blue Whinnis 120 gp injury 14 1/rd for 2 rds 1 Con / unconsciousness 1d3 hrs 1 save
Centipede Venom 90 gp injury 11 1/ rd for 4 rds 1 Dex 1 save
Greenblood Oil 100 gp injury 13 1/rd for 4 rds 1 Con 1 save
Hemlock 2500 gp ingested 18 10 min 1/ min for 6 min 1d6 Dex, see text 2 saves
King’s Sleep 5000 gp ingested 19 1 day 1/day 1 Con drain 2 saves
Oil of Taggit 75 gp ingested 15 1 min unconsciousness 1d3 hrs 1 save
Sassone Leaf Paste 350 gp contact 16 1 min 1/min for 6 min 2d12 hp/1 Con 1 save
Toadstool Poison 200 gp ingested 11 10 min 1/min for 4 min 1d3 Wis and 1 Int 1 save
Wyvern Venom 3000 gp injury 17 1/rd for 6 rds 1d4 Con 2 saves

Arsenic: This chemical has a variety of legitimate uses. Most of the time, this is lethal only when the victim suffers repeated poisonings.

Black Adder Venom: Refined from the fangs of the snakes so common in the hills of Varisia, this poison is often used in needle traps.

Blue Whinnis: Blue whinnis toxin is extracted from a variety of blue mold normally found underground. This blue-black tarry substance is usually applied to arrowheads.

Centipede Venom: Extracted from the venom glands of giant centipedes, this sticky substance must get into a victim’s blood to be effective.

Greenblood Oil: This poison is distilled from the blood of a bottom-feeding fish native to the Storval Deep.

Hemlock: Made from an herb found in the Cinderlands, this poison paralyzes the muscles. if a victim’s Dex reaches 0, he begins to suffocate.

King’s Sleep: Favored by political assassins or scorned spouses, the effects of this poison mimic a fatal illness. This insidious poison causes its victim to slowly waste away after a single exposure.

Oil of Taggit: Used by slavers and other kidnappers, this poison is made from the resin of taggit berries, the waxy fruit of an evergreen shrub native to southern Cheliax.

Sassone Leaf Paste: This contact poison has been used for centuries to deter grave robbers by applying it to treasure buried with the dead.

Toadstool Poison: Made from boiling certain local toxic mushrooms and concentrating the liquor, this poison has an appealing smell and taste, making it difficult to detect when mixed with savory food.

Wyvern Venom: Venom straight from the stingers of wyverns native to the mountains of Varisia.

Black Market

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