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Calistria, The Savored Sting
Goddess of Lust and Revenge

Calistria is the goddess of lust, passion, vengence, and trickery. While her worship is strongest in elven lands, followers of all races appreciate her lustful, audacious spirit. Spies, prostitues, and thrill-seekers of all stripes worship the Savored Sting. Iconography of her faith depicts her as an ideal of elven beauty, dressed in revealing gowns, and having long and graceful ears, slender limbs, and a suggestive smile always on her lips. Calistria’s favored creature is the wasp— unlike bees, wasps can sting again and again without dying, which represents the goddess’ vindictiveness.

The Church: Temples to Calistria often host a lively community of sacred prostitutes, each wtih many contacts in the community. Such temples tend to become centers of gossip, and Calistrian priests and priestess often trade in information (some stepping so far as to commit blackmail). The clergy of Calistria is comprised primarily of clerics, with a few bards and sorcerers. It is rumored that the church harbors a secret guild of Calistrian assassins. The holy text of the cult of Calistria is called The Book of Joy.

In Korvosa: Aside from many of the city’s prostitutes, Calistria does not have a very large following in Korvosa. Her faithful worship at the Shrine of the Savored Sting in the Pantheon of Many.

For Players:
Calistria is Chaotic Neutral. Her portfolio includes passion, trickery, lust, and revenge. Her favored weapon is the whip.

Clerics of Calistria have access to the Chaos, Charm, Knowledge, Luck, and Trickery domains.


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