Cayden Cailean

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Cayden Cailean, The Drunken Hero
God of Bravery, Freedom, and Drink

Also known as The Accidental God, Cayden Cailen was a mortal who ascended to godhood via the Test of the Starstone on a drunken bet in 2765 AR. His faithful believe that no man should have power over another, and that evil must be overcome through action. Travelers, freedom fighters, and the downtrodden often worship Cayden Cailean.

The Church: Temples of Cayden Cailean tend to double as taverns. Priests of Cayden are primarily clerics, with a few bards and rangers in the ranks. The church doesn’t care much for dogma or holy writings; what passes for a holy text is the Placard of Wisdom, a sign hung in many sacred taverns that summarizes the ideals of the Drunken Hero.

In Korvosa: While many a barkeep or tavern owner raises a mug to the Drunken Hero from time to time, worship of Cayden Cailean is not widespread in Korvosa. The small Tavern of Cayden in the Pantheon of Many does manage to turn a tidy profit, however.

For Players:
Cayden Cailen is Chaotic Good. His portfolio includes freedom, bravery, ale, and wine. His favored weapon is the rapier.

Clerics of Cayden Cailen have access to the Chaos, Charm, Good, Strength, and Travel domains.

Cayden Cailean

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