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Erastil, Old Deadeye
God of Family, Hunting, Farming, and the Hearth

Erastil is one of the eldest of the gods. His faith dates back to the dawn of history, when small farming communities and hunter-gatherers prayed to him for bountiful harvests and successful hunts. He is a god of the hunt and of farming, leading his followers by example and good deeds rather than flowery rhetoric. To his followers, Old Deadeye is a stern father, a helpful neighbor, and a watchful hunter. Small communities, farmers, hunters, and common folk most often pray to Erastil.

The Church: Temples of Erastil tend to be unassuming, homey affairs, that often serve other practical purposes (such as the village meeting hall.) Priests of Erastil are almost exclusively clerics, with some paladins and a few rangers and druids. Priests are expected to marry and raise a family, and most sink deep roots into their community. The holy text is The Parables of Erastil, a practical book containing good advice.

In Korvosa: Worship of Erastil is considered by most cosmopolitan Korvosans as a backward practice that is best left in the hinterlands. Still, Old Deadeye does maintain a small but dedicated following in the city. Weekly services are held at the Shrine of Erastil in the Pantheon of Many.

For Players:
Erastil is Lawful Good. His portfolio contains farming, hunting, trade, and family. His favored weapon is the longbow.

Clerics of Erastil have access to the Animal, Community, Good, Law, and Plant domains.


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