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Adventuring Gear

Item Price Weight
Antiplague 50 gp 1 lb.
Antitoxin 50 gp 1 lb.
Barbarian chew 25 gp 1 lb.
Doctor’s mask 50 gp 2 lb.
Harpy musk 20 gp 1 lb.
Harrow deck 100 gp
Healing salve 30 gp 1/2 lb.
Pathfinder Chronicle 50 gp 1 lb.
Scarf, normal 5 sp 1/2 lb.
Scarf, pocketed 8 gp 1/2 lb.
Scarf, reinforced 10 gp 1 lb.
Troll oil 50 gp 1 lb.
Troll blood styptic 100 gp

Antiplague: If you drink a vial of this foul-tasting, milky tonic, you gain a +5 alchemical bonus on Fortitude saving throws against disease for the next hour. If already infected with a disease, a dose of antiplague allows you to make a second saving thow against the disease (without the +5 bonus). If you beat the DC by 5 or more, your disease regresses to the previous stage of the affliction. Antiplague can be created with a successful DC 25 Craft (alchemy) check.

Antitoxin: If you drink a vial of this bitter, oily tonic, you gain a +5 alchemical bonus of Fortitude saving throws against poison for the next hour. If you are already poisoned, taking a dose of antitoxin allows you to make a second saving throw against the poison (without the +5 bonus). If you beat the DC of the poison by 5 or more, the poison effect regresses to the previous stage of the affliction.

Barbarian Chew: The Shoanti make this bitter red chew by drying the leaves of the galtroot, a stunted bush found across the Cinderlands. It increases the duration of barbarian rage by +1 round as the stimulant increases aggressiveness. These effects last for 1 hour.

Doctor’s Mask: Often stylized to look like bird masks, a doctor’s mask consists of a pair of goggles attached to a wooden or ceramic “beak” that covers the wearer’s nose and mouth. This beak can be filled with herbs, perfumes, and spices to aid in preventing the contraction of infectious diseases. While worn, the mask grants a +2 circumstance bonus on Fortitude saves made against airborne toxins, diseases, and scent-based effects. In Korvosa, it is a minor crime to wear a doctor’s mask in public if you are not a healer or physician.

Harpy Musk: Varisian alchemists have devised ways to recreate or distill the distinctive stink of harpies into an effective goblin repellent. If smeared on a surface or thrown as a splash weapon, a vial of harpy musk fills a 30-foot area before dissipating. Any goblin in an area of harpy musk must succeed on a DC 14 Will save or be shaken for 1 minute. Harpy musk only affects goblins: other goblinoid creatures (such as bugbears and hobgoblins) are not affected. Harpy musk can be created with a successful DC 20 Craft (alchemy) check.

Harrow Deck: This is a traditional fortune-telling deck of cards used by Varisian soothsayers and seers. Some Harrow decks are elaborately illustrated, but most are parchment or paper cards with hand-painted images. Harrow decks are often handed down through generations and treated with utmost care by their users as a result. Less superstitious sorts use common sets as playing cards in a gambling game called Towers.

Healing Salve: This alchemical remedy comes in a small jar. See write-up here.

Pathfinder Chronicle: Numerous volumes and editions of the Pathfinder Chronicles exist. When used as a reference (an action that typically takes 1d4 full rounds of searching the text), a Pathfinder Chronicle grants a +2 circumstance bonus on a specific Knowledge check. An individual Pathfinder Chronicle grants this bonus to a different type of Knowledge, but regardless of which type that particular chronicle is focused on, the overall cost of the book remains the same.

Scarf: Traditional garments in Varisian culture, these lengths of colorful items of cloth, transparent silk, or woven wool are used to warm travelers, distract gawkers, and preserve a family’s history.

Scarf, pocketed: An elaborate design disguises several small pockets on one side of this scarf. This scarf grants you a +2 bonus when hiding Tiny objects on your person.

Scarf, reinforced: One side of this 8-foot-long scarf is reinforced with chain links and metal plates. While not enough to provide a benefit to Armor Class, these versatile scarves can be used like a length of chain to climb short distances or bind an enemy. A reinforced scarf has hardness 10 and 4 hit points. It can be burst with a DC 24 Strength check.

Troll oil: This crimson liquid is viscous and tastes foul. If you drink it, for the next hour you automatically stabilize when reduced to negative hit points (unless the damage is sufficient to instantly kill you) and have a 50% chance each round to end any bleed effect on you. If you take fire or acid damage, the benefits of troll oil are suspended for 1d4 rounds. Troll oil can be creatied upon a successful DC 20 Craft (alchemy) check.

Troll blood styptic: A witch’s brew of troll blood, powdered plant extracts, and alchemical binders, troll blood styptic is intended as a field treatment for wounds and bleeding, particularly where magical healing is not available. This powder is stored in small packets, and when applied directly to wounds grants a living creature fast healing 2 for 2d4 rounds. It also negates any bleed effect. Troll blood styptic will not heal fire or acid damage. This is a painful cure and requires the target to make a DC 15 Fortitude save to avoid being sickened for a number of minutes equal to the number of rounds of the fast healing. Each successive use of troll blood styptic in a 24-hour period increases the DC of that save by +5. Applying troll blood styptic is a full-round action that provokes an attack of opportunity. Troll blood styptic can be created with a DC 25 Craft (alchemy) check.


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