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Pharasma, The Lady of Graves
Goddess of Fate, Death, and Rebirth

The goddess of birth, death, and rebirth, The Lady of Graves shepherds the souls of the recently dead to their final reward. She judges the souls of the departed and sends them on to their final homes in the Great Beyond. However, as she shepherds souls out of the land of the living, she also guids new life into the world, and counts many midwives as her followers. Pharasma is also the goddess of fate and prophecy. While a goddess of death, Pharasma’s concern is for the living. The Lady of Graves sees undeath as a perversion of the natural cycle of life, and the ultimate heresy.

The Church: The Church of Pharasma concerns itself with healing (especially midwifery), tending to the needs of the bereaved, and the burial of the dead. They keep watch over cemetaries to prevent any unquiet dead from haunting or preying upon the living. Pharasmin clergy is comprised of clerics, and oracles, with a some wizards and fewer druids. Temples of Pharasma tend to be grandiose cathedrals of gothic style, and are nearly always locaced adjacent to a cemetary or above an ossuary.

Holy Text: The holy text of Pharasma is called The Bone Lands in a Spiral.

In Korvosa: The Grand Cathedral of Pharasma is located in the Gray district, which is itself the city’s cemetary. There is also a shrine to the Mother of Souls in the Pantheon of Many. The head of the Church of Pharasma in Korvosa is Bishop Keppira d’Bear, a white-haired and regal woman of Taldan descent who rarely leaves the Cathedral.

For Players:
Pharasma is Neutral. Her portfolio includes fate, prophecy, death, and rebirth. Her favored weapon is the dagger.

Despite being Neutral, clerics of Pharasma only channel positive energy. They may not ever create undead without immediately losing all granted divine powers.

Clerics of Pharasma have access to the Death*, Healing, Knowledge, Repose, and Water domains.

*Clerics of Pharasma who choose the Death domain have access to the following domain spells in place of the spells listed under the Death domain in the Core Rulebook:
3rd- speak with dead, 6th- antilife shell, 8th- symbol of death

Variant Spellcasting: Clerics of Pharasma can cast false life as a 2nd-level spell, clairaudience/clairvoyance as a 3rd-level spell, and moment of prescience as an 8th-level spell.

Variant Summoning: Clerics of Pharasma can add the following creatures to the summon monster table. All of these summoned creatures are of Neutral alignment.

summon monster I: celestial giant whipporwill (use eagle statistics).
summon monster III: nosoi psychopomp
summon monster VI: vanth psychopomp


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