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Shelyn, The Eternal Rose
Goddess of Art, Beauty, and Love

Shelyn encourages creativity and inspires the world. She challenges her faithful to test their limits, share what they create, and delight in the gifts of others. Followers of Shelyn believe that true beauty comes from within.

The Church: The Church of Shelyn attracts artists, musicians, and playwrights, and the church serves many as a patron. Temples of Shelyn are centers of art, music, and creativity that are adorned with beautiful sculptures, paintings, and stained glass. Many have dedicated studio or performance space. Shelyn’s clergy are primarily clerics and bards, with a few druids and paladins. Her holy text is called Melodies of Inner Beauty.

In Korvosa: The Sanctuary of Shelyn is the smallest independent temple in the city; it is also without a doubt the most beautiful. Standing in the district of North Point, the square building of white marble engulfs a small interior courtyard decorated with statuary, murals, and a beautiful flowering garden. Music nearly always fills the temple’s halls. While crowded with artwork, the santuary looks full but never cluttered. Part shrine and part art gallery, the church of Shelyn also tends the Shrine of the Eternal Rose in the Pantheon of Many. The high priest of Shelyn in Korvosa is the well-known and popular musician Ellandra Velloria. Posters of the half-elven beauty regularly appear across the city highlighting her next performance.

For Players:
Shelyn is Neutral Good. Her portfolio includes art, music, beauty, and love. Her favored weapon is the glaive.

Clerics of Shelyn have access to the Air, Charm, Good, Luck, and Protection domains.

Variant Spellcasting: Clerics and paladins of Shelyn can prepare charm person as a 1st-level spell, charm animal as a 2nd-level spell, and good hope as a 4th-level spell. Clerics of Shelyn can prepare sympathy as an 8th-level spell, but must use a work of art as the target of the spell.

Variant Summoning: Clerics of Shelyn add the following to the list of creatures available on the summon monster table.

summon monster II: grig (gains extraplanar subtype, and is condisered both a fey and an outsider.)
summon monster III: silvanshee
summon monster V: vulpinal


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