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Abadar, Master of the First Vault
God of Laws and Civilization

Gold-fisted Abadar seeks to order the world. Judges, merchants, and aristocrats worship him, praying for clarity in judgement and business. The Church of Abadar often acts as a bank in many areas. Priests of Abadar are regularly sought out to assist with legal matters, and many Abadaran priests work a second job as lawyers, bankers, mercahnts, and teachers.

The Church: The Church of Abadar does not believe in direct charity: while the church will help out the needy, Abadaran priests require payment in either coin or service. Temples of Abadar often double as banks, for the Church of Abadar is one of the few organizations that has the respect and the wealth to transfer funds between cities via letters of credit. Priests of Abadar are almost always clerics, although there is an order of paladins that venerate Abadar.

Holy Text: Abadar’s holy texts are The Order of Numbers and The Manual of City-Building.

In Korvosa: Abadar is a widely-revered deity, particularly among the wealthy and ruling class. The Bank of Abadar in North Point is simultaneously the temple of Abadar and the primary bank of the city. It also acts as Korvosa’s mint, striking the Korvosan coinage under contract of the Throne. There is also a shrine to Abadar in the Pantheon of Many. The leader of the Church of Abadar in Korvosa is Archbanker Darb Tuttle, a thin and bespectacled older gentleman of Chelaxian ancestry, who has a reputation of being stern but fair.

For players:
Abadar is Lawful Neutral. His portfolio includes cities, wealth, merchants, and law. His favored weapon is the light crossbow.

Clerics of Abadar have access to the Earth, Law, Nobility, Protection, and Travel domains.

Variant Spellcasting: Clerics of Abadar may prepare word of recall as a 5th-level spell, as long as the designated sanctuary is in the cleric’s home city. Paladins of Abadar may prepare it as a 4th-level spell with the same stipulation.

Variant Summoning: Clerics of Abadar can choose the following creatures in addition to the creatures listed on the summon monster table. All of these creatures are lawful neutral in alignment.
summon monster II: Celestial two-headed eagle (This creature has two heads. It gains +2 racial bonus on Perception checks, but does not get an extra bite attack)
summon monster III: Celestial hippogriff
summon monster IV: Celestial two-headed giant eagle (This creature has two heads. It gains a +2 racial bonus on Perception checks, but does not gain an extra bite attack.)
summon monster V: Celestial griffon
summon monster IX: Kolyarut Inevitable


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