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The calendar of the Inner Sea region is a direct analogue of the real-world calendar.

Golarion (usually called “the world”) is a planet that orbits a single yellowish-white star (called “the sun”). Its day is 24 hours long, and its year is a little more than 365 days long. Every four years, a leap day is added.

The world has a single large moon (called “the moon”) that is the same apparent diameter as the sun. The moon completes its phases in slightly less than 28 days.

The calendar is divided into weeks of seven days each, and into 12 months that have between 28 and 31 days each. The days of the week are: Moonday, Toilday, Wealday, Oathday, Fireday, Starday, and Sunday. In most areas, Sunday is a day of rest and religious observance, and many businesses are closed. Oathday is the traditional day of the week to make promises, perform official ceremonies, sign contracts, or get married. Most people consider the calendar day to start at dawn, not midnight.

The months of the year, their number of days, and their real-world equivalents are:

Month Days Real World
Abadius 31 January
Calistril 28* February
Pharast 31 March
Gozran 30 April
Desnus 31 May
Sarenith 30 June
Erastus 31 July
Arodus 31 August
Rova 30 September
Lamashan 31 October
Neth 30 November
Kuthona 31 December

*-Every 4 years (in years divisible by 4), a 29th day is added to the month of Calistril, except for years evenly divisible by 200. (Thus the year 4700 was not a leap year, but 4800 will be.)

The lands of the Inner Sea region generally use Absalom Reckoning to count years. Year 1 was the year that the god Aroden raised the Starstone from the sea and ascended to godhood.

Play in this campaign starts in the month of Gozran in the year 4704.


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