Character Class Considerations

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Overall Themes: This will be an urban fantasy game, set in and around the city of Korvosa. Most of the adventuring will take place in or under the city. I plan to include themes of political intrigue, sinister mystery cults, the criminal underworld, and conspiracy. There will also be a great deal of dungeon-delving: probably two-thirds of the campaign that I have planned so far will take place underground.

Character Class Considersations:

Alchemists, bards, fighters, inquisitors, rogues, and sorcerers are all perfect fits for this campaign, and don’t need any particular call-outs.

Barbarian: While Korvosa itself is a civilized place, there are many options to play a barbarian. One option would be to play a member of the Shoanti people— the indigenous people of this area. Another would be to play someone who traveled to Korvosa from elsewhere, like an Ulfen northman from the Lands of the Linnorm Kings who sailed into town on a dragon-headed longship.

Cavalier: While there are certainly some mounted troops in Korvosa, most soldiers in the district of Old Korvosa patrol on foot. The streets of Old Korvosa are narrow and crowded, particularly in Bridgefront, with overhangs that are just barely six feet from the ground. Players of cavaliers should be prepared to have to leave their horses behind much (or most) of the time, as a majority of the encounters will occur indoors or underground.

Cleric: Clerics of any of the non-evil religions detailed in the Religion section would work fine, although gods associated with nature or agriculture might feel a bit our of their elements. If you are already familiar with the Golarion campaign world, and would like to worship a non-core deity, let’s chat first.

There will be two changes to the cleric rules from the Core Rulebook:

  • Patron Deity: Clerics must worship and follow a single, specific god. There are no clerics of philosophies or pantheons. (If you wish to play a divine spellcaster that does not worship a specific god, you should choose a druid or oracle instead.)
  • Cleric Alignment: While the Core Rules state that clerics can be one step away from their patron deity’s alignment, I would discourage this. An alignment mismatch indicates that the cleric is practicing a heretical form of the faith, which could cause the cleric to lose divine powers if he or she strays too far from orthodoxy. If you want to go down that path, we’ll need to have an out-of-game conversation about this.

Druid: This is an urban-based campaign, and many druids may feel out of their element. It would be hard to justify a character living in Old Korvosa to have a large wild animal companion, like a bear or a crocodile. Having a wolf or small wildcat would probably be fine; otherwise taking the domain option instead of an animal companion would be a good choice.

Oracle: In a city the size of Korvosa, there are bound to be oracles. The mysteries of Bones, Flame, Life, and Lore would all be good choices, as would be the Ancestors mystery from Ultimate Magic.

Paladin: Paladins are an excellent choice for this game. Unlike clerics, a paladin does not necessarily need to choose a single god (although that’s the norm), and paladins can be one step away from their patron god’s alignment. In Korvosa, the churches of Abadar and Iomedae have established orders of paladins, and paladins of Sarenrae and Torag aren’t unheard of. I have no interest in letting a paladin “fall” (i.e. lose his or her powers because of moral issues) inadvertantly, and will NEVER do anyting to trick or dupe a paladin into falling (i.e. via impossible to win “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” situations.) If you’re playing a paladin, and I think you’re about to do something questionable, your character will receive some kind of warning.

Ranger: See the Druid entry above re: animal companions. Good choices for favored enemies are aberration, humanoid (human), monstrous humanoid, outsider (evil), and undead. Good choices for favored terrain would be underground and urban.

Witch: While witches are typically associated with rural and natural settings, there’s nothing to preclude a witch from living in a city. Please do not choose the Plague patron— that has too “evil” a feel. Feel free to choose from the additional patrons listed in Ultimate Magic, if you are so inclined. While any will work, patrons that might be particularly appropriate for the campaign are Deception, Shadow, Trickery, and Wisdom from APG; and Death, Enchantment, Occult, and Spirits from Ultimate Magic.

Wizard: There are two colleges of magic in Korvosa. While it’s not necessary to be a current or former student of either, here is some role-playing information that could impact choices:

  • The Academae is a world-famous and prestigious institute of the magical arts. It only trains specialist wizards, and its favored school is Conjuration. Graduates of the Academae must be specialist wizards, and cannot choose Conjuration as an opposition school.
  • Theumanexus College is a much smaller and newer school, founded by people who had political issues with the headmaster of the Academae. Consequently, Academae graduates and faculty take a dim view of the upstart institute, or its students, faculty, or alumni. Theumanexus College prefers to take a generalist approach to magical instruction, and primarily graduates Universalist wizards.

Character Class Considerations

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