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This page lists home rules for various character classes that I’d like to try out for the campaign.


Sorcerers gain their first bloodline spell at 2nd level, and a new one at every even-numbered level. This is one level earlier than the standard rules.


At first level, the witch’s patron grants her familiar knowledge of an additonal cantrip that does not normally appear on the witch spell list. This works the same way as other patron spells.

Agility: virtue
Ancestors: mage hand
Animals: daze animal
Boundaries: open/close
Death: disrupt undead
Deception: ghost sound
Devotion: purify food and drink
Elements: ray of frost
Enchantment: lullaby
Endurance: virtue
Fate: unwitting ally
Healing: virtue
Insanity: unwitting ally
Light: flare
Moon: haunted fey aspect
Occult: mage hand
Peace: enhanced diplomacy
Plague: touch of torment
Portents: know direction
Shadow: overlook
Spirits: mage hand
Stars: flare
Strength: vigor
Time: timer
Transformation: haunted fey aspect
Trickery: ghost sound
Vengence: acid splash
Water: create water
Winter: ray of frost
Wisdom: sign of discovery


Firearms are not available in Korvosa. However, I will allow a Gunslinger character if also taken with the Bolt Ace archetype from Advanced Class Guide. This archetype changes the gunslinger’s signature weapon from a firearm to a crossbow, allowing the character to use the Grit game mechanic for trick shots with a crossbow. The Bolt Ace archetype as printed in the ACG has some obvious errors, which will hopefully be corrected in official errata. In the meantime, use the following home rules:

Weapon and Armor Proficiencies: A Bolt Ace is proficient with all simple and martial weapons, light and medium armor, and with all crossbows. These replace the Gunslinger’s weapon and armor proficiencies.

Crossbow Maven: A Bolt Ace starts play with a battered and jury-rigged crossbow of the player’s choice. In the Bolt Ace’s hands, this weapon functions as a masterwork crossbow. In anyone else’s hands, it is a normal crossbow with the Broken condition. If this crossbow actually gains the Broken condition, no one else can use it at all. It can only be sold for spare parts (worth 3d10 gp if sold.) The Bolt Ace also gains the feat Skill Focus (Craft: weaponsmith) for free. When crafting crossbows or crossbow bolts, the Bolt Ace gains an additional bonus of half her Gunslinger level on Craft (weaponsmith) checks. A Bolt Ace can upgrade her starting crossbow to a standard masterwork crossbow with a successful Craft (weaponsmith) check and spending 150 gp for materials. This replaces Gunsmithing.

The rest of the archetype is unchanged.

Character Class Options

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