From the Minds of Monsters

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From the Minds of Monsters
Aura strong transmutation; CL 20th
Slot none; Price — (minor artifact); Weight 5 lbs

This book is an incredibly well-preserved investigation of the nature of many monsters that are capable of strange mind-controlling powers. The truly astounding thing, though, is that the book is penned by Runelord Sorshen herself, written in her hand in an elegant script. The book is in fact a minor artifact—it functions as a tome of clear thought +1 that automatically recharges its power a month after it is used, although a single creature can benefit from the book only once. In addition, if it is referenced, it grants a +10 circumstance bonus on all Knowledge checks made about monsters that utilize significant mind-affecting attacks (subject to the GM’s approval).

The book will be destroyed if a mindless creature reads and understands it.

From the Minds of Monsters

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