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The district known as Gray is distinctly different than any other in Korvosa. That’s because the majority of its residents are dead. Gray District is the city cemetary, ossuary, mausoleum, and home of the Cathedral of Pharasma. The Pharasmin priests have their work cut out for them, as some kind of dark necromantic energy infuses the district: the residents of Gray frequently refuse to stay in their graves.

Gray is home to the smallest wards of the city, each of which are different cemetaries.

Potter’s Ward Thousands of names are engraved into the walls of this ward. A body can be buried in one of the mass graves of Potter’s Ward for a mere 2 cp; having one’s name carved into the wall costs 5 sp.

Everyman Ward Most people who die in Korvosa end up in this large cemetary. The mausoleums flanking the entrance to the necropolis lead into a pair of underground chamber of the Vaults, now used by the Pharasmins as ossuaries. One vault is full of bones neatly arranged in patterns; the other leads to a series of catacombs. Wealthier people are buried under the grassy hillside in neat plots.

Gold Ward The impressive marble and granite mausoleums of this ward are reserved for nobility, and Commandants of Sable Company, and Field Marshalls of the Korvosan Guard.


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