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When most people think of Korvosa, they think of the cosmopolitan and friendly district of Midland. As the home district of both the Korvosan Guard and Sable Company, Midland has the smallest number of gangs and gang battles in the city— athough the Cerulean Society does a brisk trade in the district thanks to the disproportionately high number of merchants, shops, and other commercial and financial concerns. Midland encompasses the shores of the Jeggare River from the southern wall of North Point to the Old Wall in the south, and up Pillar Hill several blocks.


High Bridge: A bourgeois and middle-class ward near the eponymous southern bridge across the Jeggare River, this mostly residential area consists mainly of higher-grade apartments and townhouses.

Pillar Hill: The most demographically diverse ward of Midland— and indeed all of Korvosa— Pillar Hill houses both fabulously wealthy merchants beneath the shadow of Castle Korvosa in the northern corner, to the apartments of hard-working longshoremen and laborers on the southern wall of the city.

The Slope: As its name implies, this ward exists on the eastern slope of Citadel Hill in the shadow of the Adadamae. This ward is home to numerous libraries, bookstores, museums, and other places of culture. Many students of the nearby University of Korvosa reside here.

West Dock: This rugged ward is almost exclusively mercantile. It houses the main shipping docks of the City of Korvosa, and the resultant warehouses, fishmongers, meatpackers, and shipbuilders.

Notable Locations

Gold Market: A large open-air market serves as the main attraction in Midland. People from all over the city descend upon the Gold Market and its daily riot of stands, stalls, tents, and entertainers. Vendors hawk a wide variety of wares, mostly foodstuffs and minor crafts and trinkets.

Eodred’s Walk More than a dozen shops surround a semicircular open-air plaza across from the Gold Market. A fountain with a statue of King Eodred I stands in the center of the plaza. Vendors are forbidden in the park, and many Korvosans head there to eat meals or snacks purchased from the vendors from Gold Market.


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