Mysteries of the Worm

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Mysteries of the Worm

Aura faint conjuration; CL
Slot none; Price 5000 gp; Weight 5 lbs.
Author anonymous Language: Thassilonian
Subject Old Cults

Mysteries of the Worm is a text written in Thassilonian about the worship and philosophy of malevolent entities of great power that live in the void between the stars. The work implies that “when the stars are right,” the Great Old Ones will return. It is also an illustrated bestiary of some of the bizarre alien servitors of these vastly powerful entities. Using the text as a resource grants a +5 bonus to all Knowledge checks related to the Old Cults and the creatures associated with it.

In addition, the book acts as a wizard’s spellbook, containing the spells black tentacles, contact other plane, call shantak, enervation, and shadow walk.

Anyone with at least 5 ranks of Knowledge (arcana) can tell that works of this sort are dangerous. Studying texts associated with the Old Cults sometimes bestows shocking insights on the true nature of existence, but at a cost to one’s sanity.

art by Zarono

Mysteries of the Worm

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