North Point

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North Point

This district was the first section of the mainland settled by the descendants of the city’s Chelish founders. The ward houses many of the city’s oldest non-noble families. North Point covers the entire northern end of the city. This district is also the center of the city’s municipal govenrment, and many bureaucrats and clerks call this district home.


Five Corners: This relatively crowded residential ward houses many of the city’s politicians and its underlings. The ward’s most distinguising feature is Jeggare Circle, a large open-air plaza, out of which five major roads lead to the rest of the district.

Mainshore: The first Chelish encampment on the mainland was in modern-day Mainshore. Many noble families still reside in this ward, although many buildings that don’t belong to these wealthy families are showing their age.

Northgate: Most vsitors from Varisia who approach Korvosa by land first enter the city by crossing North Bridge into Northgate. Many of Korvosa’s non-noble elites and old-money families live in Northgate. However, in recent decades, many moneyed families have been relocating to more prestigeous wards such as Citadel Hill in the Heights. This is causing a slow and steady decline in Northgate property values.

Ridgefield: This ward once overlooked the Merciless Cliffs to the southwest, before the formation of Citadel Crest. Despite losing its views of the ridge, the ward has kept its name. Today, Ridgefield faces Bridgefront in Old Korvosa, the city’s poorest ward, and both Bridgefront’s poverty and construction practices has spread across the Straits of St. Alika: Ridgefield also has towering shanties called Shingles built on rooftops.

Notable Locations

City Hall: Seat of Korvosa’s municipal government.
Longacre Building: Korvosa’s central courthouse and prison.
Bank of Abadar: The temple of the God of Cities, the central bank of the city, and Korvosa’s mint.
Sanctuary of Shelyn: Undoubtedly the most beautiful building in the city, and the smallest independent temple. Also serves as a concert hall and art gallery.
The Posh and Turtle Inn: Simply the finest inn and tavern in all of Korvosa. The floor of the common room is made of thick, magically-reinforced glass, which overlooks a wide and shallow sea cave. Within the cave lives a 20-foot-long green sea turtle named Old Tom, who grew too large to escape through the cave mouth back to sea. Grates in the floor panes allow staff and guests to drop food to the creature.
Avenue of Arms: A bizarre landmark that predates the settlement of modern Korvosa. This wide boulevard is paved with perfectly square white stones, and is lined with 127 human-looking stone arms that rise from the rocky soil on either side of the street. All appear to be the arms of human adults. The arms all face the same direction. No two arms look the same. About a quarter appear feminine, and the rest masculine. They are comprised of at least a dozen different types of stone. Some stick up straight, while others are bent at the elbow. About a third hold weapons— some actual rusting metal weapons, and some stone representations of weapons. None of the arms are damaged or look weathered, and all are spaced precisely two feet, seven and 3/4 inches apart.

North Point

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