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There are many online Pathfinder resources that might be of interest to players of this campaign.

Pathfinder RPG Reference Document

  • Paizo’s compilation of all of the Pathfinder RPG rules released under the Open Game License (OGL) that are published in their Pathfinder Rulebooks line.

Archives of Nethys

  • A fan-created site listing all of the Pathfinder OGL rules from all office Pathfinder products produced by Paizo. The Archives of Nethys includes all of the rules from the Pathfinder PRD, plus OGL rules from Paizo’s Campaign Setting, Player Companion, Modules, and Accessories lines.

  • A commercial site that lists all Pathfinder RPG rules released under the OGL from Paizo, plus OGL Pathfinder rules from thrid-party publishers. While extensive and complete, this site is not covered by Paizo’s community use policy. That means that the site is not allowed to use any of Paizo’s Product Identity for Pathfinder or the Golarion campaign world. (e.g. no Pathfinder deity names, no Golarion geography, no Paizo NPCs, etc.)

Pathfinder Community

  • Companion site to d20PFSRD, this noncommercial site includes a compilation of OGL rules from Paizo with their Paizo product-identity intact. (e.g. spells with Pathfinder god names in titles; Prestige classes with geographic references; Golarion-specific magic items, etc.)

Pathfinder Wiki

  • Fan-made wiki site about Pathfinder and the world of Golarion.

Paizo Messageboards

  • Active and lively discussion forums about Paizo Publishing and its products, the Pathfinder RPG, the Golarion campaign world, and general gamer-relted talk. The sites are very well-moderated. I post regularly under the name “Haladir.” Note: Please, please, please stay out of any discussions about the module The Reaping Stone by TPK Games.
  • I have been cross-posting the adventure log from this site on the Campaign Journal forum at Paizo.

Online Resources

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