While Korvosans aren’t a particularly religious bunch, the city does support a number of temples and shrines.

Note: I use the term “priest” in the following descriptions. A priest of a religion is any official in a church or a member of a faith who can speak with authority on the faith itself. A priest can be of any character class, and does not necessarily weild any divine power.

The following deities are worshiped most widely in Korvosa, and have temples dedicated to them:

Abadar, Master of the First Vault, God of Civilization and Merchants (LN)
Asmodeus, Prince of Darkness, God of Contracts and Rulership (LE)
Pharasma, The Lady of Graves, Goddess of Fate, Death, and Rebirth (N)
Sarenrae, The Dawnflower, Goddess of the Sun, Healing, and Redemption (NG)
Shelyn, The Eternal Rose, Goddess of Art and Beauty (NG)

The Pantheon of Many is one of the largest buildings in Korvosa, and houses shrines to 17 deities, each equal in size and status. In addition to the gods mentioned above, the Pantheon of Many houses shrines to:

Calistria, The Savored Sting, Goddess of Lust and Vengence (CN)
Cayden Cailean, The Drunken Hero, God of Bravery, Freedom, and Ale (CG)
Desna, The Starsong, Goddess of Dreams and Travelers (CG)
Erastil, Old Deadeye, God of Hunting, Farming, and Family (LG)
Gozreh, The Wind and the Waves, God of Nature (N)
Iomedae, The Inheritor, Goddess of Valor and Justice (LG)
Irori, The Master of Masters, God of Knowledge and Self-Perfection (LN)
Nethys, The All-Seeing, God of Magic (N)
Norgorber, The Reaper of Reputation, God of Secrets (NE)
Torag, Father of Creation, God of Craft and Honor (LG)
Urgathoa, The Pallid Princess, Goddess of Gluttony and Undeath (NE)
Zon-Kuthon, The Midnight Lord, God of Darkness, Pain, and Loss (LE)

Other Gods: While known to most, these deities are not worshiped widely or openly in Korvosa.
Aroden, The Last Azlanti, God of Humanity and Innovation (LN) (dead god)
Gorum, Our Lord in Iron, God of Battle (CN)
Lamashtu, The Demon Queen, Goddess of Madness and Monsters (CE)
Rovagug, The Destroyer, God of Destruction (CE)

Lesser Faiths: These faiths are not widely known; those who do know of them and are not adherents typically think of them as cults.
The Old Cults, followers of sanity-draining malevolent entities from beyond the stars. (CE)

Religious Phiosophies: Some people revere a phiosophy or outlook on the world. While some adherents to these philosophies may also revere a god, true devotees usually do not. Philosophies have priests, but no clerics.

Diabolism, Veneration of the Nine Circles of Hell
The Green Faith, Veneration of the Natural World
The Prophecies of Kalistrade, Achieving Wealth through Denial of the Physical


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