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Rules Changes

This page details changes to the standard Pathfinder rules that are in-play in this campaign. When possible, I’ll reference the official ruling, including FAQs.

10-foot Reach and Diagonals: Creatures with 10-foot reach do threaten the second diagonal square, meaning that the threatened range appears to be two concentric squares on the tactical map. This is how it worked under OGL 3.5 rules. The official ruling states that the second diagonal isn’t threatened. EDIT: An official revision to the PFRPG FAQ has restored the 3.5 ruling in the standard game.

Afflictions (Diseases and Poisons): We’ll be trying out the new Alternate Afflictions System from Pathfinder Unchained. Please note that this system makes poisons and diseases significantly more threatening, and limits the effects of existing spells and items to treat them. I will be introducing some new rules of my own to make them a little easier to treat. Under the new rules, the spells delay poison and delay disease will become much more useful than they currently are. Both of these spells halt progression of an affliction while the spell is in effect, allowing extra attempts at treatment (whether practical, alchemical, or magical). See also the Equipment and New Spells sections.

Vital Strike and special movement maneuvers: Creatures can use the Vital Strike feat in combination with special maneuvers, such as Charge or in conjunction with the Spring Attack feat. The official ruling does not allow this. (Note: Many writers and developers are not aware of this ruling, as there are at least six NPCs published in official Pathfinder adventures with “Tactics” sections that use this very combination.)

Widen Spell and line effects: You can use the Widen Spell metamagic feat on a spell with a line effect to double its range. The official ruling states that the Widen Spell feat has no effect on spells with a line effect, but state that the above as a popular house rule.

Rules Changes

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