The Heights

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The Heights

Standing atop Citadel Hill, the Heights District has a commanding view of the rest of the city, which its residents look down on—both figuratively and literally. Nearly all of Korvosa’s power players reside in the Heights, includingmost of the Noble Houses and the King himself.

The Heights District holds three wards:Citadel Crest, Cliffside, and University.

Citadel Crest: Citadel Crest is the wealthiest ward in Korvosa, with more than a dozen noble families and twice that many powerful merchants living within. It contains two of the city’s modern landmarks: the Great Tower and the temple of Asmodeus. Unlike any other ward in the city, Citadel Crest has no inns. Visitors can stay in one of the three noble-owned bed and breakfasts found in the ward.

Cliffside: Lesser nobles and not-quite-as-wealthy merchants live in Cliffside. Most of the wealth and power in this ward is concentrated on the northern section, right along the cliff that gives the ward its name. Two Sable Company watchtowers along the cliff and regular patrols by the Korvosan Guard make this one of the safest wards in the city.

University: The seat of mundane higher learning in Korvosa, this ward houses the University of Korvosa, the Grand Korvosan Museum, and smaller schools and cultural centers.

Notable Locations:

  • The Great Tower (headquarters of Sable Company)
  • The Temple of Asmodeus
  • Gilded Orrey (high-end magic shop)
  • Jeggare Museum
  • University of Korvosa
  • Marbledome (Korvosa’s opera house)
  • The Temple of Sarenrae
  • Gatefoot (Thassilonian ruin)

The Heights

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