Thief Camp

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Thief Camp

Located outside the city walls and not a part of the city of Korvosa is the settlement called Thief Camp. It’s known by this name by proper Korvosans and by its residents alike. Thief Camp started as a shantytown populated by those too poor even to afford a place in Bridgefront in Old Korvosa. While many of its buildings can still properly be called shacks or shantes, in the past two decades, many residents have built more permanent houses and businesses of sturdy wood, or even brick. While Sable Company and the occasional Hellknight will sporadically patrol the area, Thief Camp is mostly on its own for protection— and the organization most able to provide this service is the Cerulean Society. The Society funds blue-clad mercenaries to protect those properties whose owners deign to pay for the privilege, ignoring most everything else. Othewise, gangs protect their own turf.

Thief Camp is technically outside of the city’s jurisdiction, so Korvosa does not tax properties there. However, any trade to Korvosa proper is considered to be external, and is subject to import duties. Fishing is the leading industry. A strong secondary industry is pottery, as the banks of the Jeggare River here are rich in fine clay deposits. A third leading industry is less-than-legal, as Sczarni find doing business just outside of Korvosa significantly easier than within its walls. Thief Camp is the easiest place to find all sorts of contraband items, whether it’s drugs, poisons, illegal magic, or slaves.

Most residents of Thief Camp are displaced Shoanti or Varisians— the latter mostly Sczarni. Other “undesirables” also live in Thief Camp, including a not-insignificant number of tieflings, orcs, and ogrekin, most of whom keep to themselves. The road into Korvosa that runs by Thief Camp is usally lined with tents and stalls offering foodstuffs, trinkets, games of chance, fortune telling, and cheap but strong wine. Many of these merchants have a reputation of being swindlers and con artists.

Notable Locations

The Fat Lady: A cheap inn and low-rent brothel. It does most of its business with travelers who arrive at Korvosa after the gates into the city have closed for the night— and its rates quadruple at that time. Its proprietor is a large, flirtatious, tattooed woman of mixed Varisian and Shoanti descent who goes by Jorbeth.
The Phoenix Feather: A small brick cottage near the Dwarfwalk Road, this curiosity shop sells strange and colorful items. Run by a violet-haried gnome named Nori Flashdazzle, this shop is a place to buy and sell magical trinkets, odd artifacts from distant lands and times, alchemical remedies, and maps.
Zappi’s Ferry: Zappi offers ferry service across the Jeggare River to a pier in West Dock run by his cousin— who has an “in” with city officials, allowing his customers to import goods without paying duties. Or so he claims.
Zorelda’s Fortunes: A gaudy red-and-gold tent advertises the fortune-telling services of the seer Lady Zorelda. She divines via crystal ball, tea leaves, Harrow reading, or palmistry, depending on her client’s desire and her own assessment of her client’s gullibility.

Thief Camp

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