Trail's End

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Trail’s End

Located on the east shore of the Jeggare River, across from Old Korvosa and north of Thief Camp is a semi-permanent Varisian encampment known as Trail’s End. There are few, if any, permanent residents of Trail’s End. Varisians who follow the Old Ways have been congregating at this location for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. Many Varisian caravans stop here for a few weeks or months, so the members of different caravans can mix, mingle, share stories of the road, and possibly join new caravans.

There are few permenent buildings here: most structures are tents, wagons, or lean-tos. There are a few wood and stone stables built to shelter animals, but only a handful of permanent homes. In the center of the settlement is an open-air shrine to Desna comprised of a circle of standing stones carved with ancient Thassilonian runes.

Trail's End

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